6 Essential Summer Safety Tips

The weather is warm, the days are long, and school is no longer in session. These are the most fun-packed months of the year for many children. There’s more time than ever to play outside and enjoy activities like swimming,… Read More

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6 Outdoor Activities to Develop Gross Motor Skills

For many kids, this is the best time of year. School’s out for the summer, and the weather is at its warmest. It’s prime time for playing outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. In addition to keeping kids… Read More

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Top 5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active and healthy while also helping them make friends and have fun? You might want to consider dance classes. Learning to move to music benefits children in numerous ways, from… Read More

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How to Improve Your Child’s Visual Motor Skills at Home

Visual motor integration is essential in day-to-day life, particularly for kids. The ability to coordinate our visual processing and motor skills allows us to do everything from playing sports to taking notes. If you suspect your child might have trouble… Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Balance Bikes

May is officially National Bike Month, a designation sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and meant to promote awareness of the numerous advantages of bicycling, such as staying healthy and helping to preserve the environment. For kids in particular,… Read More

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Upcoming Little Steps Pediatric Therapy Camps: Learn Social Skills, Biking and Dancing

Are you looking for something fun and educational for your kids to do this summer? Little Steps Pediatric Therapy has several programs coming up in the next few months, and it’s not too late to sign up. Here’s a brief… Read More

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What Parents Should Know About Screen Time and Child Development

Most of us are aware that staring at a screen all day – whether it’s attached to a TV, smartphone, tablet, or some other device – isn’t healthy for people of any age, especially young children. However, along with the… Read More

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How Pediatric Occupational Therapy Can Help Kids with Autism

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children who have difficulties with the activities that occupy them daily, including play, self-help, learning, socializing, and more. This type of therapy can prove useful for kids with developmental delays by strengthening fine motor, cognitive and… Read More

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5 Outdoor Springtime Activities for Kids

Although winter isn’t quite over yet, the first official day of spring (March 20) is almost here. After many long, cold months of ice and snow, people of all ages will likely want to spend as much time outside as… Read More

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5 Benefits of Pet Ownership for Kids

If you’ve been following this blog and our social media channels, you know that we recently added a new four-legged member to our team: Boomer, the therapy dog. Our canine therapist can help calm children during sessions. Lots of kids… Read More

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