Does Your Child Need Pediatric Behavioral Therapy?

pediatric behavior therapyIt’s normal for kids to act out sometimes. Every parent inevitably has to deal with a tantrum because their toddler doesn’t want to go to bed or would prefer chicken nuggets to broccoli at the dinner table.

However, in certain cases, tantrums and other inappropriate behaviors (e.g., physical/verbal aggression) can go beyond what’s typical and interfere with learning, socializing and communicating. In those instances, parents might want to consider pediatric behavioral therapy.

Behavioral Therapy Basics: What it is and How it Works
Behavioral therapy, also known as applied behavior analysis (ABA), is essentially a three-step process. First, the therapist defines/identifies the behavior. Second, we conduct an analysis and figure out why the child is behaving that way. Finally, the therapist applies an intervention to address the behavior.

At Little Steps, our behavior analysts have created a program based on the needs of the child and leveraging the principles of reinforcement. We investigate what the child is attempting to communicate through the problematic behavior, and then we teach them better, more appropriate ways to convey their needs.

Parents are welcome to participate in behavioral therapy sessions, and they will also be taught how to address inappropriate behavior in other settings (the home and the community).

Signs Your Child Needs Pediatric Behavioral Therapy
Pediatric behavior therapy can be helpful for children with various conditions, including Down syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and autism, among others. There are plenty of kids out there who can benefit from behavior therapy to address behavioral and emotional issues, according to Kids Mental Health.

Here are some signs to watch out for that could indicate your child needs pediatric behavioral therapy, according to Indiana University Health and Healthgrades:

  • Repeated violent behaviors such as biting, hitting, and/or kicking
  • Head banging
  • Severe and unusually long tantrums
  • Difficulties with day-to-day tasks due to emotional disturbances

If you think your child might benefit from pediatric behavior therapy, please contact our team to schedule an evaluation. Our therapists can help figure out why the behavior is happening and teach your child healthier ways to communicate and appropriately get their needs met. Contact us today by calling 847-707-6744 or emailing

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