Top 5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

Group of girls in a hip hop dance class.Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active and healthy while also helping them make friends and have fun? You might want to consider dance classes. Learning to move to music benefits children in numerous ways, from keeping them physically fit to encouraging them to form friendships with their classmates – on top of teaching them about rhythm and self-expression.

These are just some of the most notable benefits of dance classes for kids.

1. Staying physically healthy. Dancing is a fun way for kids to get the exercise they need. It’s an aerobic activity, which means it’s good for the heart, according to the Cleveland Clinic infographic “Why Dancing Is So Good for Your Kid.” Additionally, dancing helps improve flexibility, posture and muscle tone. Studies have even suggested that more physically fit kids do better academically.

2. Exercising the brain. Children’s dance classes can not only keep their bodies healthy but also benefit their brains. Focusing on choreography and moving in time to the music helps with learning and memory, the Cleveland Clinic explains. As a result, spending time on the dance floor could lead to improved performance in the classroom.

3. Making friends and learning about teamwork. Working well with others is an essential skill that children must develop to thrive at school and at work when they get older. Dance lessons for kids are a social activity as well as a physical one, since they must communicate and collaborate with their classmates to complete exercises and perform, according to the Livestrong article “The Benefits of Dance for Kids.” Additionally, dance lessons give them the opportunity to form friendships with other kids around the same age.       

4. Learning about self-expression. Because it’s a kind of performance art, dancing offers children a new outlet for expressing themselves. Kids can pick out a type of dance that they feel best fits their personality, whether they favor the graceful movements of ballet, the percussive rhythm of tap or the modern form of hip hop, according the Healthline article “8 Benefits of Dance.”

5. Sleeping better at night. Most people who exercise (up to 83 percent) report sleeping well, compared to just 56 percent of those who don’t exercise, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

If you’re searching for local fun dance classes for children, Little Steps hosts a dance camp program for kids ages 5 to 8. During every six-week session, campers attend one class each week and learn hip hop moves, in addition to defining rhythm patterns and gaining an understanding of purposeful movement. To learn more about Little Steps Dance Camp, please visit our programs page, call 847-707-6744 or email

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