Toilet Independence Program

Little Steps Pediatric Therapy is committed to assisting children and families reach the milestone of toilet independence through comprehensive and holistic care. We are able to provide personalized treatment, caregiver education, and home programming to fit the needs of each unique child.

No child will have the same potty training experience. It is important to us to consider the child’s strengths and challenges when it comes to motor skills, regulation, reflexes, and sensory processing. We will work to improve upon the child’s skills while adapting the environment and tasks to fit ongoing needs. We believe it is important to possess the skills and knowledge to set both the child and caregiver on a path for success before beginning the potty training process.

While achieving this milestone may be daunting for families, the benefits of toilet independence can vastly improve daily routines. At Little Steps, we are ready to partner with families to create a team-based program to provide collaborative support throughout the potty training journey.

Our program:
Toileting is a multifaceted task that requires independence in many skill sets. Your child will be evaluated for their level of readiness and current skill level in:

  • Bladder/bowel control
  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Sitting
  • Mobility
  • Dressing
  • Hygiene management
  • Hand washing

Our occupational therapists take a holistic view of your family’s values, environment, and daily routines in order to create a unique plan for your family. After the initial evaluation, an occupational therapist will provide weekly check-ins through video calls and will be available through emails or texts to support your family throughout the week.

Our team of speech language pathologists and physical therapist are available to provide specialized support for communication and physical needs, providing a multidisciplinary approach to toileting. We will provide effective recommendations for equipment and supports to make potty training a success.

When to seek help?
Every child takes their own journey towards toilet independence, but you may want to consider our potty training program if your child is demonstrating:

  • Difficulty transitioning to and from bathroom
  • Fear of the bathroom environment (flushing toilets, hand driers, etc.)
  • Difficulty sequencing steps of toileting
  • Inability to effectively communicate need to use bathroom
  • Difficulty completing hygiene independently
  • Difficulty generalizing skills from home bathroom to other bathrooms
  • Ability to pee in toilet but difficulty with pooping
  • Decreased awareness of wet or soiled diapers or clothing
  • Difficulty managing clothing and fasteners
  • Inability to sit on toilet or potty chair independently for 2-3mins

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