I wanted to take a minute to Thank You for all the work you have been doing for my daughter. It occurred to me this morning that I might not take the time to express my gratitude that you truly deserve. You have become such a part of our family that perhaps I have taken you for granted. While introducing you I reflected on the fact that you have been with us for nearly 4 years, since just before her 1st Birthday. The way you have made us feel like we a priority in your life is a testament to your passion for the children you work with. The amount of time you take outside of the visits shows me your dedication to your profession and personal practice. Thank you for reaching out to Dr Tim and relaying our needs. Your response to her ever changing needs, visiting her during hospitalization, and reaching out to us to provide feedback and suggestions in between visits has demonstrated your compassion for our daughter. I know you relate to her because of the motherly instincts in you and your intention for every child to see progress. As well, you make the visits fun yet challenging for her. We have seen so much progress in these four years and I know that as she grows she will continue to get stronger. Thank you for your compassion, professionalism, expertise and your ever smiling face! I know you see it in her face that she is truly happy to see you, and there is nothing better than seeing your child happy!

Thank you for all you do! There is no way we can Thank You enough but I know your reward is the progress you see in Berkley and all your kids!

Jaime began working with our son after he was born with severe torticollis. Despite predicted developmental delays, Jaime helped our son achieve and exceed his gross motor milestones. She has the gift of taking a “therapy” session and making it a fun and engaging play time for kids. Jaime is wonderful to work with – flexible, responsible, and understands the needs of young children. She has become an extension of our family and a key component of our son’s overall development. We would recommend her to anyone!

Jaime first met my son when he was 17 months old. He couldn’t pull up in his crib. He couldn’t get to standing from a sitting position. I wasn’t sure anything was “really” wrong. After being pushed by a friend, Jaime assessed him and soon after we began treatment. I was hesitant, because I didn’t see anything wrong. He was just “a big guy”. After one visit, he pulled up in his crib. I was amazed. She has gotten to know him and works with him on his level. Jaime is thoughtful about her treatment plans. However, while her treatment plans are well thought out, they are not concrete. If you feel like something is not working, she will work with you to make sure that your child is getting the care and help that he or she needs. She is loving to my son and his sister. She is the kind of person who you know wants the best for your child even when it is hard to admit it to yourself. My son has improved so much because of Jaime. My son is stronger and more confident. We owe that to her loving care, her thoughtful treatment plans, and willingness to play with my son to ensure he grows up healthy and strong.

My twin boys have been working with Jaime for a few months now. They’ve made incredible progress and always have such a great time working and playing with Jaime. She is incredible with babies. Not only do they love working with her, I do too. Jaime is friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable about physical development in babies and children. My family is so lucky to be working with her!

My son has SPD and has been working with Heather in OT for regulation issues/picky eater/hand strength. We have seen improvement in all 3 areas in just a short few months. He looks forward to his visits with Heather and considers her one of his friends. She is great at communicating with me after each visit of things to work on at home or things to be aware of. We are so glad that we found little steps and are looking into including other therapies from little steps as well to help our son.